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The Tutus News: September 2022 Edition

The September Issue

What's Happening in Class and Important News for Tiny Tutus Dance Center

Sending a warm welcome to our Tutus Families old and new as we return to dance! What a great start we are having to the 2022-2023 Season! We are having a ton of fun in class and would like to share what we have been doing.

Please take a few minutes to read through the Newsletter as it will keep you connected and up-to-date.

Communication is important to us, so if you have any questions regarding your child or in general, please don't hesitate to contact us. We love getting feedback on our program, so drop us an email and let us know how we are doing!




Notes & Reminders

  • Parking. PLEASE READ-

  • Union Street parking: 301 Union Street in Moorestown. Please use our parking lot (located directly behind our building) or street parking along Union Street and 3rd Street. Please do not park in the Church Street Station office parking lots (this includes the gravel lot where the dumpster is located), or in the Mill Street Tires parking lot. You will get towed.

  • Main Street parking:  115R Main Street in Moorestown. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT TINY TUTUS ENTRANCE IS BEHIND MAIN STREET, FACING 2ND STREET. The parking lot is located off 2nd Street. Our entrance is facing the parking lot right next to the Running Co. Coming from Church, the Municipal Building is on the left and Tiny Tutus parking lot is on the right.

  • Virtual Waiting Room- Help your dancer get the most out of their class by keeping waiting room noise levels low while class is in session. STROLLERS- because waiting room space is limited, we ask that you please park strollers outside. We have a designated Stroller Parking to the right of the entrance where strollers can be kept. HOUSEKEEPING-Please respect the waiting room by cleaning up any debris left during your time with us! Thank you for your help!

  • Labeling- to ensure all dancers come home with their own belongings, please put their name in shoes and on dance bag. Add something fun to their dance bag to make it stand out such as a bow or pin

  • Parent Portal- ALL registered students have accounts and log-in information. To access your account, follow the steps below to view and make payments, schedule makeup classes and more.

-Go to -Click on Log-in/Register tab

-Click on Register/Log-in

-Type in username (email) -Type in password

Can't remember log-in info?

Contact the office and we will resend your

Parent Portal link to reset your password.

  • CLASS PROCEDURES- Doors will open 10 MINUTES before the FIRST CLASS begins. Parents Are Welcome to Drop Off at the Door and Wait in Car. All classes have a Zoom Code to watch from anywhere! At the end of class, meet your dancer at the front door. If you choose to wait in the studio while your dancer is in class, ONLY ONE PARENT IS ALLOWED TO STAY IN THE WAITING ROOM DURING CLASS.


Non Recital Classes: Upcoming 8 Week Courses

We are excited to welcome our

Session 1: 6 Week Dancers!!

Session 1 classes start the week September 19th

and we can't wait to get started!

Please refer to your confirmation email for class information. If you have any questions, email us at and we will be happy to help.


Non Recital Classes: Upcoming 8 Week Courses

Session 2: 6 Week Course

Begins the week of 11/1-11/7 / Ends the week of 12/12-12/17/22

*Monday classes are 5 weeks due to Halloween

*No classes the wekk of 11/21-11/26 for Thanksgiving

Session 3: 8 Week Course

Begins the week of 1/9-1/14/23 / Ends the week of 2/27-3/4/23

Session 4: 8 Week Course

Begins the week of 3/6-3/11/23 / Ends the week of 5/1-5/6/23

*No classes the week of 4/7-4/13 for Spring Break

See our Non-Recital Class Offerings:

To Register for the Next Session Click HERE

Don't see a class that suits your schedule? Contact us! If we have a teacher and at least 5 students, we will start a class! Please keep in mind that you are not automatically enrolled in the next session. YOU HAVE TO REGISTER FOR EACH SESSION.


Upcoming October Events

  • 10/24-10/29 Wear Your Costume to Class Week (Parents observe last 10 mins of class)

  • 10/24-10/29 Session 1: 6 Week Courses End (Parents observe last 10 mins of class)

  • 10/31 Studio closed for Halloween


What's Happening in Class!

Click the > to find out what's happening in

your dancer's class this month!

-Tutu Level -

Tutu Ballet/Tap 1

Tutu Ballet/Tumble 1

Tutu Ballet/Tap 2

Tutu Ballet/Tumble 2

-Starlet Level -

Starlet Triples 1

Starlet Triples 2

Starlet Hip Hop

***Only Tutu Level & Starlet Level classes are included in our monthly newsletters. Prima Level students should be able to articulate what they have been learning in class. If you have any class related questions, please do not hesitate to speak with your student's teacher. ***


Have a question? Email us at

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