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Costume Pickup/We Need Your Dancer's Picture

We Need Your Dancer's Picture!

Each year at our Recital, we produce a slideshow introducing our dancers before the show starts. With mask restrictions in place, we are asking parents to upload a headshot of their dancer on this form for us to use.

Click HERE for more info and to submit photo.

All pictures need to be submitted by February 28th. This does not need to be a professional picture! Using your phone is fine!

Photo tips: Use this picture as a guide. Shoulders up is a good frame for the headshot. Make sure photo is higher resolution (most new phones will give a good resolution), with clear natural lighting for best shot. Show your child's personality!



Costumes are starting to come in! Not all classes are in yet, but the classes that are here will be trying on the week of 2/15-2/20. You will receive an email if your child's class will be doing costumes this week.

Please read below instructions to ensure a successful costume week!

Trying On

When your child's costume arrives and is prepared, your class will be notified. Costumes will be tried on over the dancer's leotard so we ask, as always, that dancers are dressed properly in leotard/tights, or if hip hop- tank top and leggings, so that we can slip the costume over their clothes.

Pick Up

Parents will be asked to log into Zoom the 10 minutes before the end of class to go over costumes/accessories/shoes and proper care of costume at home. ALL costumes will be checked for accessories/tights/proper fit by teacher. You will be asked to check that you have all pieces to costume BEFORE you sign the costume out.

Costume Care

When you get home, have your child try the costume on for you and check tight size, alerting the staff to any issues. ANY ISSUES NEED TO BE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY!

Once everything is checked at home, the costume should be hung in a safe place where children and animals cannot touch. Costumes are not to be worn for play!!! Only wear costumes for portraits, rehearsals and recital so that they stay safe. After the show, costumes are fun dress up clothes, halloween costumes, BUT NOT BEFORE! If costumes are wrinkled, you can either hang in steamy bathrooms or use a steamer to help release wrinkles. Most times just hanging and giving a good shake will help.

*Costumes are custom ordered but not custom fit. (That means that the costume companies only make a limited supply by what is ordered; if something happens to costume, it cannot always be replaced so treat them like gold!) Sometimes minor adjustments may need to be made by the parent to be custom fit to your child.

Virtual Students:

Virtual Students can schedule a pickup appointment. Please let us know at that time if you want contactless pickup (we can leave outside) or you are welcome to come in to pick up and also try on with staff member before taking home.


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