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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Dear Parents,

Our recital preparations are well under way!! We are so excited how the dancer's routines are progressing and can't wait to see them perform at our 2021 Recital: Rise Up!

This year's recital will be held outside with dancers, staff and audience members wearing masks due to Covid restrictions. Although this is different than we are used to, we do believe this is the best option to showcase our wonderful dancers while still socially distancing.

In keeping with trying new things, this year we are doing Recital Packages! By packaging we are able to keep costs down as well as cover the costs of producing a professional show that our families will remember for years to come!

There will be no assigned seating and all dancers participating will receive 2 tickets (This is per family. This will go up to 4 people if restrictions are lifted). Parents have the choice of 2 packages (see below).


Although different, we believe that this year's recital will be just as fun and memorable as past performances!

Important: At this time, we are waiting on local amphitheaters to accept reservations for events! This year will be challenging as we will have to be patient and wait to make the final plans as to where our show will be held. With state restrictions, we are unable to make any final venue decisions, but rest assured, as soon as we can we will! Until then, we will keep planning as we normally would while making alternate plans for all situations.

REHEARSALS: LAST WEEK OF CLASSES MAY 3RD-MAY 8TH. We will hold rehearsals during your dancer's regularly scheduled class time due to uncertainty of venue.


**Please keep dates open as it does tend to rain this time of year.

All recitals: A, B, C, D will perform on 5/15.

We will provide showtimes as soon as we can.


Please read entire post! Included in this post:

1. We Need Your Dancer's Picture: Due 2/28 (extended to 3/15)

2. Costume Care/Pickup Instructions

3. Recital Ticket Packages: Due April 1st

4. New this year! Recital Program Ads/Shout Outs: Due April 1st


We Need Your Dancer's Picture!

Each year at our Recital, we produce a beautiful slideshow introducing our dancers before the show starts. With mask restrictions in place, we are asking parents to upload a headshot of their dancer on this form for us to use.

Click HERE for more info and to submit photo.

All pictures were due by February 28th, but we will extend the submission due date to March 15th. This does not need to be a professional picture! Using your phone is fine!



Trying On

When your child's costume arrives and is prepared, your class will be notified. Costumes will be tried on over the dancer's leotard so we ask, as always, that dancers are dressed properly in leotard/tights, or if hip hop- tank top and leggings, so that we can slip the costume over their clothes.

Parent Costume Info Meeting on Zoom!

Once your costume is in, you will be notified. Parents will be asked to log into Zoom the 10 minutes before the end of class to go over costumes/accessories/shoes and proper care of costume at home. All costumes will be checked for accessories/tights/proper fit by teacher. You can find your class Zoom link in the Parent Portal under Manage Students then by clicking on the black box labeled Notes.

Pick Up

ALL costumes will be checked for accessories/tights/proper fit by teacher. With parent’s permission, costumes will be initialed by Tutus staff to save time and eliminate sharing pens. If you dancer has multiple classes, you may wait to sign out after their last class.

Please note that in some cases we may have found it necessary to exchange sizes with the costume company. If this is the case for your costume, we will notify you at pick up and send home the exchanged size as soon as we receive it.

Costume Care

When you get home, have your child try the costume on for you and check tight size, alerting the staff to any issues. ANY ISSUES NEED TO BE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY!

Once everything is checked at home, the costume should be hung in a safe place where children and animals cannot touch. Costumes are not to be worn for play!!! Only wear costumes for portraits, rehearsals and recital so that they stay safe. After the show, costumes are fun dress up clothes, halloween costumes, BUT NOT BEFORE! If costumes are wrinkled, you can either hang in steamy bathrooms or use a steamer to help release wrinkles. Most times just hanging and giving a good shake will help.

*Costumes are custom ordered but not custom fit. (That means that the costume companies only make a limited supply by what is ordered; if something happens to costume, it cannot always be replaced so treat them like gold!) Sometimes minor adjustments may need to be made by the parent to be custom fit to your child.


Recital Ticket Packages: Due April 1st





Gold Package Per Family:

Cost $90.00

1. Admission for 2 people

(Will be extended to 4 if restrictions allow at that time; price will not change)

2. Live streaming for extended family and friend to watch

3. Professional digital video of show includes slide show

4. 2 - 8.5x11 Keepsake Color Recital Programs

5. 1-Recital t-shirt

(Extra t-shirts for siblings: 15.00+ per sibling) Purchase Extra T-Shirts HERE

Order T-shirt Size HERE!


Silver Package Per Family:

Cost: $75.00

1. Admission for 2 people

(Will be extended to 4 if restrictions allow at that time; price will not change)

2. Live streaming for extended family and friends to watch

3. Professional digital video of show : includes slide show

4. 2 - 8.5x11 Keepsake Color Recital Programs


*All Parents must choose their package and pay by April 1st

so we will have time to order t-shirts.


Recital Program Ads/Shout Outs

Sending your favorite dancer (or favorite dance class!) a personalized "ad" in our recital program is a great way to commemorate their dance year. Family and friends may also purchase a “Shout Out” line to say “Good Luck” or “Break A Leg”. This is also a great way to advertise a business to local families!

Choose from one of our templates (add your photos) and let us do the work, or create your own !

SEE TEMPLATES/Submit your form HERE

See Full Page Templates Here

See 1/2 Page Templates Here

See 1/4 Page Templates Here

Due April 1st


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