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Recital 2022 Rehearsal and Recital Procedures & More!

Dear Parents,

Please read this information all the way through so you and your dancer feel prepared for the best experience possible! It's a lot of information, but we feel it will reduce any confusion and answer most questions about the event.



May 2nd-May 7th

The last 15 minutes of the last class parents will be invited into the classroom where your teacher will go over all things recital! We ask that every parent attends so each family is prepared for the big day! Feel free to ask any questions during this meeting or email us at





*Prima Tap 1/2 and Prima Tap 4/5 will receive specific details about your rehearsal time this week* (you will only rehearse once but perform twice)


Recital Bun Kits, T-Shirts & Programs: When to Pick Up

-Bun Kit and T-Shirts: You will be called.

If you purchased a bun kit or recital t-shirt, we will be calling you when your order is ready. Orders can be picked up at the studio. If you do not pick up your merchandise by the last week of class, it will be available for pick-up at the rehearsal.

-Recital Programs: Day of the recital. Every family will receive 2 recital programs. They will be given to each family at the Information Desk the day of recital AFTER you check your dancer in at the Dancer Check-in table. You must visit the Information Desk in order to receive your programs. The programs will also be available via QR Code for online viewing.


Recital Tickets & Videos

-Recital Tickets: There are plenty of tickets left! Click on the following link to purchase your recital tickets. THE LAST DAY TO PURCHASE ONLINE IS MAY 6TH. After that, tickets will only be available at the door for $20 each, cash only.

-Recital Videos: Don't forget to purchase your video(s)! Now available for purchase at Tutus Boutique. Videos will be sent via email once they are complete. This takes 6-8 weeks.


Rehearsal and Recital Location

All rehearsals and recitals will take place at Holy Cross Prep Academy

located at:

5035 US-130

Delran, NJ 08075

Map of Holy Cross Campus

For Rehearsal and Recital, Dancers and Audience will enter the building using separate entrances to help reduce crowding. Directional signs will be placed outside to help you find where to go. More details below!



**If you would like your dancer to wear their mask backstage, but take it off to dance on stage, please send a baggy with dancer's name so that backstage helpers can store their mask while dancing and put back on after performing. You can discuss this with Tutus Staff at Dancer Check-in at rehearsal and recital.***


Rehearsal Procedures

ONLY ONE ADULT SHOULD ATTEND REHEARSAL WITH THEIR DANCER(S). Come to rehearsal with student in full costume and hair already done. Hair does not need to be perfect for rehearsal. Make up is not necessary. You can come a little early to rehearsal to give yourself time to park, take your child to the bathroom and find Dancer Check-in, but you should be checking your dancer in at the assigned rehearsal time. WE CAN NOT WAIT FOR LATECOMERS! MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD GOES TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE CHECKING IN!

  1. Follow signage outside to find the "Dancer's Entrance". See picture for location- dancers have a separate entrance than audience! This will be the same for rehearsal and recital.

2. Have all shoes and costume pieces clearly marked with dancer's name and packed in their garment bag with hanger. That is all they need! DO NOT SEND SNACKS OR WATER. We will have water bottles backstage if needed.

3. At Dancer Check-in, the student will receive a wristband (except Prima dancers) and all parents will receive a note card that will match dancer to the parent for when they are done rehearsing their dance(s).

4. Your dancer will be escorted to the backstage dressing room to meet their classmates. Each class will have a staff member assigned to them to help change for each dance as well as escort them to the bathroom (if needed), on and off the stage and then to Dancer Check-in when done dancing.

5. Parent will need to exit the building and follow signs for "Audience Entrance" to enter the main entrance of Holy Cross. Have a seat in the auditorium- announcements will be made, and rehearsal will start.

6. Once your child has practiced their class routine(s), you are free to leave! You do not need to wait until the end of the rehearsal. Backstage helpers will gather dancers’ belongings and bring them back to the Dancer Check-In area to meet you. Don’t Forget Your Card! **Remember if they have 1 dance, go immediately to Dancer Check-in to pick them up. If they have 2 or more dances, wait until they have practiced all their routines.

7. Parents are welcome to video and take pictures at the rehearsal. We do ask that there are no flashes used as this is dangerous for our dancers on stage. There is NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOS AT THE RECITAL!


Recital Procedures

Students should arrive 30-45 MINUTES BEFORE SHOW TIME. Please arrive in costume, with make-up on and hair completely done.

1. To avoid crowding at Dancer Check-in, please have ONE parent bring dancer to the Dancer Check-in table (same location as rehearsal- follow signs for "Dancer Entrance"). All other audience members will follow "Audience Entrance" signs to enter the auditorium. Dancer should be completely ready with all belongings in their garment bag (s). Please make sure your dancer goes to the bathroom BEFORE bringing them to recital!

2. At Dancer Check-in, the parent will receive a note card and the student will receive a bracelet (except Primas) with the dancer's name printed on both. This will allow you to pick them up at Dancer Check-in after the show. Dancers will stay backstage until the end of the show and parent will stay seated in auditorium until the show concludes.

3. Your dancer will be escorted to the backstage dressing room to meet their classmates. Each class will have a staff member assigned to them to help change for each dance as well as escort them to the bathroom (if needed), on and off the stage and then to Dancer Check-in after the show.

4. Parent will need to exit the building and follow signs for "Audience Entrance" to enter the main entrance of Holy Cross and into the auditorium.

5. Upon entering, parents can visit the Information Desk to pick up your Recital Programs.

6. While in the audience, we ask that you turn off cell phones and that there is no eating or drinking. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

7. Once the show is over, all students will be escorted to the Dancer Check-in area for pick up.

8. Picking up your dancer- ONLY THE PARENT WITH THE NOTE CARD will go to the Dancer Check-in area to pick up dancer. Other guests can proceed to the Photo Op Station located in the grass by the Dancer Check-in .

9. At Dancer Pick-up, your dancer will be waiting with their belongings and this year's Recital Medal! Dancer bracelets will be matched with parent note card, then you are free to go! Please allow time for this process. This is a time to show patience and appreciation for our backstage volunteers that worked so hard to make the show run smoothly and to keep your children safe!

10. Before leaving, please stop by the Photo Op Station to capture pictures to help commemorate your dancer's special day! We ask that the Photo Op Station be used for dancers who are finished dancing - not upon arrival- as this will interfere with the flow of the event.

Parents- we are truly grateful for your continued support and cooperation this season! With that in mind, please respect the process and remember how hard the kids have worked to get here! We must all show lots of patience and grace in order to make this day go smoothly, and most importantly, special and memorable for our dancers!


What Dancers Should Bring

All dancers will need to arrive IN COSTUME completely ready- hair and makeup done. Please bring all costume pieces, props and shoes in a garment bag with hanger with their NAME CLEARLY LABELED on the outside. This will help staff move dancers quickly to and from backstage to Dancer Check-in when they are done. If they have more than one costume change, please bring additional costumes in a garment bag as well.

Make-up is totally up to your discretion. Our dancers do like to feel special for performance day, so even a little can add an element of excitement (and will help so they don't get "washed out" by stage lighting)! You might consider applying any combination of powder, blush, eye shadow, lipstick and mascara for the show, but it is not mandatory.

Do not pack food or water. Please make sure your dancer eats a healthy meal before their show and have them use the bathroom ahead of time! There will not be time to eat during the show and we will provide mini water bottles backstage if needed. If your dancer is in multiple shows, they may pack a water bottle and snack for in between shows. No peanuts please. If your dancer has any unique needs, we are happy to accommodate. Please email us at

Please make sure your dancer goes to the bathroom BEFORE sending them backstage!


Emergency Contact

If any emergency should arise or you need to contact us the day of the show; please email us as this will be the fastest way to reach us at

This is for emergencies only. Thank you!


Practice & Prep!

Every little bit helps! Practicing at home for the next few weeks will really help boost your dancer's confidence before the big day!

Log in to your Parent Portal to access practice music and videos of each dance. Once in your Parent Portal, go to: Shared Files > Class Files and have your dancer put on their own recital at home!


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