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New Student Registration Opens Monday August 10th!

Monday August 10th at 12:00am starts our online registration for Fall 2020 New Students!!

We are so excited to see everyone for our 2020-2021 Season!

Our season starts September 14, 2020. Please find a link below for our Parent/Child Handbook for important information regarding our season. As part of their registration fee, all Recital Track dancers will receive their very own Tiny Tutus mask! The masks will be handed out the first day of dance class. Masks will also be available for purchase for $8.00!


Free Trial Class for New Students

Tuesday August 11th at The Moorestown Community House

Dance With Me/All By Myself 5:00-5:20

Tutu Ballet/Tap/Tumble 5:30-6:00

Starlet Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop 6:15-6:55

Prima Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Contemporary/Hip Hop 7:00-8:00

Click here to register for a FREE TRIAL CLASS:

IMPORTANT NOTES FOR REGISTRATION-READ CAREFULLY -No tuition refunds will be issued after September 1st. If at any time you wish to discontinue, we ask that you finish out the quarter or 8 week session. Once the quarter/session has ended, you will not be obligated to continue.

-Both 8 Week Courses and Recital Track Classes offer a virtual and in-person option. Pay attention to which season you are registering for (VIRTUAL 8 WEEK COURSES, IN-PERSON 8 WEEK COURSES OR VIRTUAL RECITAL TRACK CLASS ,IN-PERSON RECITAL TRACK CLASS)!. This is extremely important as we are only allowed a certain amount of students in the studio. If you register for a virtual spot instead of an in-person and the class fills, we will not be able to accommodate your request for that class.

-Class sizes have been reduced to meet current state guidelines, so spots will be limited. If your desired class time is full, please add yourself to the waitlist and pick another class time, or consider virtual if you are flexible. *For Prima classes, we will look at adding more classes in case your class is full- please join the waitlist if there are not open spots left.

-Registration Fee & First Quarter Tuition (Recital Track) and Full Tuition Payment for Session 1 (8 Week Course) must be paid at the time of registration in order to complete registration and hold your spot in the class.

-We are not accepting Annual Payments this year. Quarterly payments only due to Covid.

-You may notice that our class times have also been reduced by ten minutes with a five minute buffer (Tutu and Starlet levels) and ten minutes for Prima due to required cleaning and safety measures. We will have a detailed video along with specific instructions coming soon!

-Please remember that NJ mandates that masks must be worn by everyone ages 2 and up.

-Absences: No credits or refunds will be given for any absences. Virtual make up classes will be offered in lieu of in person make ups to reduce the exposure and spread of Covid 19.

-Zoom codes for all classes will be emailed a week before classes begin.

If you would like to register, simply go on line and create an account and pick your new class.

FALL CLASS OFFERINGS-Scroll down to find fall

Click Here for information on what to wear to class and class descriptions: RECITAL TRACK



Online Registration

August 10th: New Student Registration Begins!

In Person Registration SUMMER OFFICE HOURS ARE LIMITED! Staff will answer phones during the hours below, but to contact us at any time please send an email and we will respond as soon as we can!

In Person Registration/Merchandise will be held at Tutus on Union.

August 11th+13th: 4-7pm

August 18th+20th: 4-7pm



9/1 Deadline for Refund for 1st Quarter/1st Session 8 Week Course

9/14 First Day of Classes! Any final balances on accounts are due before classes start

9/14-9/19 Session 1 Begins: 8 Week Courses (Saturday 7 Weeks) October

10/24-10/30 Wear Your Costume to Class Week (Parents observe last 10 mins of class)

10/31 Closed for Halloween


11/2-11/7 Session 1: 8 Week Courses End

11/2-11/7 Costume Measuring & Bring Your Stuffed Animal to Class Week!

11/9 2nd Quarterly Payment + Costume Fee Due 11/9-11/14 Session 2 Begins: 8 Week Courses

11/23-11/28 Closed for Thanksgiving


12/14-12/19 Tutus Winter Celebration Week (Family observation of full class)

12/21-1/2 Closed for Winter Break


All Month: Heel Stretch Club (Starlet & Prima Levels)

1/4 Tutus Reopens

1/18-1/23 Session 2: 8 Week Courses End

1/25 3rd Quarterly Tuition Due

1/25-1/30 Session 3 Begins: 8 Week Courses (Friday & Saturday 7 Weeks) February

2/8-2/13 Be My Valentine Week


All Month: Split Club (Starlet & Prima Levels)

3/1-3/6 Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration Week

3/15-3/20 Session 3: 8 Week Courses End

3/22 4th Quarterly Tuition Due 3/22-3/27 Session 4 Begins: 8 Week Courses`(7 Weeks)


4/9-4/10 Closed for Spring Break


5/3-5/8 Session 4: 8 Week Courses End

5/11 & 5/12 Dress Rehearsals at Lenape High School (Tentative)

5/15 & 5/16 Recitals at Lenape High School (Tentative)

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