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Recital 2021 Handbook

Dear Parents,

Find all the information you need to know about the 2021 Tiny Tutus Dance Center Recital: "Rise Up"! This handbook covers venue location, recital times and detailed instructions that follow state guidelines and will keep our dancers and families safe.

Please read this information all the way through so you and your dancer feel prepared for the best experience possible! It's a lot but we feel it will reduce any confusion and answer most questions about the event.

Although different, we believe that this year's recital will be just as fun and memorable as past performances!

Important: Our 2021 outdoor Recital will be focused on the safety of our families. To avoid crowding and to stay on time, we will run our recitals like our rehearsals in the past: when your dancer (s) complete their final routine (s), that class will be done and dancers must be picked up at the Dancer Pick-up table. Before exiting, families will move on to our Photo Op Station in the parking lot! Please see more details below.


Recital Packages & Gifts: When to Pick Up

-Bun Kit: You will be called

If you purchased a bun kit we will be calling you when your order is ready.

-Recital Packages/Gifts: Day of the recital. This includes 3 tickets, 2 programs and any gifts purchased.They will be given to each family at the Information Desk the day of recital AFTER you check your dancer in at the Dancer Check-in desk. If you purchased gifts such as Recital T-shirt, bracelet or balloon bouquet, they will be with your package. If you plan to give your Recital T-shirt to your dancer before recital, you can arrange to pick up at the studio ( we will announce when recital t-shirts are ready). Otherwise, your shirt will be with your package at the Information Desk. Balloon bouquets and bracelets can not be picked up before the show.


Rehearsal Information


This will not be a dress rehearsal.

Dancers will not wear costumes but will practice their entrances and exits, Opening Parade,

along with their routines in their usual dance wear.


The last 15 minutes of the last class your teacher will go over all things recital! Parents will be welcome to come into the classroom (due to increase in indoor capacity) or if you are not able or do not feel comfortable, please log on to Zoom (same code as always)! We ask that every parent attends so each family is prepared for the big day! Feel free to ask any questions during this meeting or email us at


Recital Location

The outdoor recital will take place at Burlington County Amphitheater.

For directions to the show type: Burlington County Amphitheater into your GPS. For some reason, there are two addresses listed for the venue. 695 Woodlane Rd. Westampton, NJ 08060 is the address that will show up when you type in the name. It is correct, but you don't want to type in the address itself because this will bring you to BCIT, the school next door.

The amphitheater is located behind the Burlington County Library as seen on the image above. The library has a large parking lot that will be used as parking for our event. Handicap parking is available in this parking lot as well. Typing the Burlington County Library into your GPS may be helpful too!

Bathrooms are available in the small concession stand building. The amphitheater is handicap accessible by ramps. Once in the amphitheater, there is space in the very top row reserved for wheelchairs.


Recital Schedule





Recital A

Part 1- 10:00am


Part 2-11:00am



Recital B

Part 1- 12:00pm


Part 2-1:00pm



Recital C

Part 1-2:30pm

arrival time:2:00PM

Part 2-3:30pm

arrival time: 3:00PM


Recital D

Part 1-D 4:30pm

arrival time: 4:00PM

Part 2- 5:30pm

arrival time: 5:00PM




What Dancers Should Bring

All dancers will need to arrive IN COSTUME completely ready- hair and makeup done. Please bring all costume pieces, props and shoes in a garment bag with hanger with their NAME CLEARLY LABELED on the outside. This will help staff move dancers quickly to and from backstage to Dancer Pick-up when they are done. If they have more than one costume change, please bring additional costumes in a garment bag as well. All costume pieces, tights, shoes and props should have your dancer's name or initials on them so they do not get lost!

A BEACH TOWEL! All dancers must bring a beach towel that will be used as their own personal item area where they will sit and lay out their costume pieces and shoes. Put your beach towel in your garment now so you don't forget!

Make-up is totally up to your discretion. Our dancers do like to feel special for performance day, so even a little can add an element of excitement! With masks on, lipstick will not be necessary for stage. You might consider applying any combination of powder, blush, eye shadow & mascara for the show, but it is not mandatory.

Do not pack food or water. Please make sure your dancer eats a healthy meal before their show and have them use the bathroom ahead of time! There will not be time to eat during the show and we will provide mini water bottles backstage if needed. If your dancer is in multiple shows, they may pack a water bottle and snack for in between shows. No peanuts please. If your dancer has any unique needs, we are happy to accommodate. Please email us at

Please make sure your dancer goes to the bathroom BEFORE sending them backstage!



Recital Performance Procedures

Please Read Carefully. Our procedures are put in place to keep our dancers and families safe. Due to CDC guidelines, time constraints and limited daylight, our shows will be on a quick rotation that does not allow for crowding or lingering. Please be respectful and patient with this plan. We have not done this before, but with your help, we do believe each show will still be exciting, fun and special!

1. At your arrival time (30 minutes before your show time) you will see a “Dancer Check-in” sign and table across from the library parking lot. To avoid crowding at Dancer Check-in, please have ONE parent standing with dancer in line. Dancer should be completely ready with all belongings in their garment bag (s). We ask that you keep a safe distance from others in line. Please make sure your dancer goes to the bathroom BEFORE sending them backstage!

2. At Dancer Check-in, each dancer will have their temperature checked, hands sanitized and receive a mask to wear during their performance. Additionally, the parent will receive a note card and the student will receive a bracelet with the dancer's name printed on both. This will allow you to pick them up at Dancer Pick-Up when they complete all dances.

3. Your dancer will be escorted to the Dressing Area under the gazebo. The Dressing Area will be surrounded by curtains for privacy. Each dancer will bring their own beach towel where they will be able to sit and also lay their costume pieces and shoes out to change for other dances (staff will help with this). Students will be grouped by class. Each class will have a staff member assigned to them to help change for each dance as well as escort them to the bathroom (if needed), the stage and then to Dancer Pick-up.

4. Audience members will follow "Amphitheater Entrance" signs from the parking lot and walk along the fence to enter the amphitheater. Once you hit the stop sign, turn right and you will enter the Amphitheater area.

5. Upon entering, hand sanitation stations will be available for guests (and throughout the venue). Families will visit the Information Desk located in front of the concession stand/bathrooms where you will pick up your Recital Package/Tickets/Gifts in the form of a gift bag labeled with your dancer's name. Each bag will have 2 programs, 3 tickets and any gifts you purchased for your dancer (to be given after they perform). Tights, gift bracelets, balloons and t-shirts will be available for purchase here as well. Supplies are limited.

6. After receiving your Recital Package, families will be asked to stand in line to enter the amphitheater seating. Please keep a safe distance from others in line.

7. While in the audience, we ask that there is no eating or drinking and to safely distance yourself in the seating area- keeping with your group of 3 guests. NEVER GET UP OR LEAVE DURING A ROUTINE!

8. Once a class is finished ALL dances, those students will be escorted to the Dancer Pick-up table. Our Master of Ceremonies will announce that this class is done for the day and it is time for them to be picked up by parents! At this time, exit quickly and quietly before the next number begins. Parents with multiple students in the same show- if your dancers are in back to back numbers, your finished dancer will stay backstage with us until all of your dancers are done. Otherwise, you are free to pick up your dancer and have them sit with you once they are done dancing.

9. Picking up your dancer- the parent with the note card will follow signs to the Dancer Pick-up table while the other guests can proceed to the Exit/Photo Op Station located in the parking lot.

10. At Dancer Pick-up, your dancer will be waiting with their belongings and this year's Recital Medal! Dancer bracelets will be matched with parent note card, then you are free to go!

10. Before leaving, please stop by the Photo Op Station to capture pictures to help commemorate your dancer's special day! We ask that the Photo Op Station be used for dancers who are finished dancing - not upon arrival- as this will interfere with the flow of the event.

Parents- we are truly grateful for your continued support and cooperation this season. Although this recital is not what we are used to, we are just happy to see it culminate with an actual stage performance! With that in mind, please respect the process and remember how hard the kids have worked to get here! We must all show lots of patience and grace in order to make this day go smoothly, and most importantly, special and memorable for our dancers!


What Parents Should Bring & Seating

This year our shows are much faster than usual, so parents won't need to bring much!

IMPORTANT- There are two types of seating: Lawn Seating and Amphitheater Seating

Lawn Seating- At the top of the Amphitheater, there is a large patch of grass where guests can see it all! We suggest choosing lawn seating if you prefer sitting in a chair or have a family member who must sit in a chair. Or if you prefer to stand or have a young one who has a hard time sitting still- this would be a convenient place to watch the show. If there are open spots in the BACK ROW in the amphitheater seating that will not obstruct anyone's view, you are welcome to bring a chair to that spot.

Amphitheater Seating- If you prefer a more intimate viewing experience, we ask that you

bring a blanket to sit in one of the leveled seating areas in the amphitheater! No chairs here unless there are open spots in the BACK ROW that will not obstruct anyone's view.

Parents should bring as little as possible to the show as this will make exiting much easier and will not interfere with upcoming numbers.

***We trust that families will safely distance themselves while choosing seating, and respect one another and the dancers while in the audience!***


Live Streaming & Recital Videos!

Live Streaming: Don't forget! Since we were unable to sell unlimited tickets this year due to Covid, we will have the entire show professionally live streamed so that loved ones can watch from anywhere! The week of recital, we will email the live stream links. Each show will have its own link, but all links will be listed in the same email for convenience. If any family members miss the live stream or have issues during the show, an unedited recording of the live stream will be available shortly after the show ends. This recording can be found under the same link as that show's live stream!

Please note that the live stream link will be active 5 minutes before each show (ex: Recital A Part 1: Showtime at 10:00am, live stream link will be active at 9:55am). As with any live experience, things can happen that are out of our control. The staff at Tiny Tutus will not be handling the live stream and will not be responsible for or be able to trouble shoot individual issues with live stream the day of the show. We appreciate your understanding with this.

Recital Videos: Every participating family will receive a professionally produced digital download of all recitals! Each recital will include the slideshow of headshots submitted by parents! Videos take 6-8 weeks to produce. Once they are ready, we will email the digital downloads out to every family.


Rain Date

If the forecast calls for a high chance of rain, we will re-schedule the shows to our rain date of Sunday, May 16th.

If it should rain on May 16th, we will schedule a new date as close to our current date as possible.


Emergency Contact

If any emergency should arise or you need to contact us the day of the show; please email us as this will be the fastest way to reach us at

This is for emergencies only. Thank you!


Safe Outdoor Procedures

-Our stage will be taped so that our dancers can easily be spaced 3+ feet apart.

-Mats will be sanitized between dances.

-Our stage and dressing room areas will be sprayed with sanitizer between shows and before the start of the day.

-Upon arrival, all dancers will have temperatures taken, hands sanitized and receive a mask.

-Hand sanitation stations will be placed throughout the venue.

-The waivers you filled out at registration for dancing outdoors with us are also covered for our performance. If we did not have a waiver signed by you, you will receive a notice from us.

- We ask everyone to be respectful of each other’s space at all times during this event.

- Masks are required for all staff, students and guests that attend.

- Bathrooms will be checked and cleaned each before each show.


Practice & Prep!

Every little bit helps! Practicing at home for the next few weeks will really help boost your dancer's confidence before the big day!

Log in to your Parent Portal to access practice music and videos of each dance. Once in your Parent Portal, go to: Shared Files > Class Files and have your dancer put on their own recital at home!


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