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Recital 2024 Newsletter

RECITAL 2024  


MAY 18th & 19th 2024

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What is in this newsletter:



Overview: Busy families are always trying to make the most of their time. Tiny Tutus has taken this to heart and has developed a dance and performance program that provides an exceptional curriculum and professional year end recitals. The shows are short in length (about 1.5 hours) and star your child! We do our best to keep costs down without losing any of the quality.

We are thrilled to present our very own 2024 Recital entitled "Celebrating a Decade of Dance"! So sit back and enjoy the show!


2. Costume Measuring

We will start measuring


for all students that will be performing

in the recital!


Please make sure dancers are dressed in appropriate dance wear for accurate sizing!


Hip-hop Students please do not wear any baggy clothing such as sweatshirts or loose sweatpants.

Although the costumes are not custom made, we need these measurements to go by their sizing charts. If you have a preference as to what size to order for your child, please email Jaclyn @




3. Costumes

Costume payments are due by 11/6. The cost is $80 for all Tutu Level Classes and $90 for all Starlet and Prima Level Classes. This will include costume, props/accessories (as needed), tights or socks and a participation medal. Students in multiple classes will only receive one participation medal. The payment can be made by check, credit card or cash. The deadline for costume refunds is 11/20.

ONCE THE COSTUMES ARE ORDERED, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. Although not custom made, they are, however, made to order and the costume companies do not provide refunds.

We will measure your child over their clothes and will allow some room for growth. Please make sure they are wearing the proper attire to class to allow for correct measurements to be made.


4. Location/Tickets

We are waiting on final word for the location of our recitals. We are in talks with different locations who have different requirements and restrictions and will let you know as soon as we confirm. THIS COULD AFFECT THE DATES OF OUR PROJECTED REHEARSAL & RECITAL DATES.

To keep our shows “kid friendly” and provide our families with an enjoyable, but short show, we will be holding multiple shows. Each dancer will only participate in one show unless otherwise directed. Please check the recital list for your child's recital time.

ALL ATTENDEES WILL NEED TO PURCHASE TICKETS including parents (this also includes parents of students in multiple shows.) We are happy to provide our students with shorter shows in a beautiful auditorium with professional stage and lighting to showcase their talents. We depend on the sales of the tickets to pay for the theater, staffing, scenery, sound, video and so much more. We encourage you to invite family and friends to share in this wonderful experience! Details on Ticket Sales will be announced soon!

*Be aware that we will continue to have alternative options if any unexpected world events happen beyond our control. These options range from a stage performance with limited audience, outdoor performance, in studio performance, in studio virtual or all virtual.


Recitals give children the experience to shine in front of family and friends. It is an event they will remember for a lifetime! We offer a professionally directed performance that allows the student to present the results of a year’s progress. The recital experience helps children build self esteem, self-assurance and contributes to a sense of confidence. Studies have shown that the onstage experience can result in better in-school presentations and improved social skills.The rehearsal process of learning a dance helps children develop retention skills and the ability to work as a team.



5. Recital Day/Time Class List

All recitals were listed for each class at the time of registration which enabled parents to choose classes knowing which recital they would be performing in.

  • Each class will perform in one show (unless otherwise specified). Showtimes are approximate and will be confirmed at a later date.

  • Siblings and Dancers in multiple classes- carefully check the recital date of each class and please note: we will no longer be able to provide complimentary tickets to parents of student/siblings in multiple shows. Please consider this when determining their recital(s) participation.

Just like sports teams, if your children are on different teams, you have to attend multiple games to see them play. If your dancers are in different classes, you may have to attend multiple shows to see them dance in the end of the year recital. We appreciate your understanding with this!

Recital 2024: Day/Times

Class/Student Name List By Recital

Click on arrow to see class/student list for each recital

May 18, 2024: Saturday 10:00am Recital

May 18, 2024: Saturday 1:30pm Recital

May 18, 2024: Saturday 5:00pm Recital

May 19, 2023: Sunday 10:30am Recital

May 19, 2023: Sunday 2:00pm Recital

May 19, 2024: Sunday 5:30pm Recital

Recital 2024 Class Chart-updated 10_13
Download PDF • 39KB

*Please keep in mind the times and dates listed below are tentative until we confirm location of the event.


7. Recital Permission Slip

Due by November 6th

Please fill out the form below (one for each dancer) and submit (online only) by November 6th whether you are participating or not participating.


Questions? Email us at or call us at 856-638-5451

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